Around the World In 80 Days, The Musical

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Molières 2020 Nominated

Young Audience Category

Jules Verne’s masterpiece adapted as a musical!

London, 1889. Phileas Fogg is a quiet impassive gentleman leading his life around the clock. He spends the bulk of his time at the Reform Club playing cards and debating many different topics with the other gentlemen of the club.

Once, as they were talking, Fogg announces it is possible to travel around the world in 80 days. Flanagan, his long-time rival, challenges him to accomplish such an achievement. He secretely hopes he would be able to humiliate and discredit Fogg in the eyes of his colleagues so that he can become head of the Reform Club. Fogg seems pretty confident, putting his whole fortune to the test in this mad bet.

From Paris to New-York, through Bombay and Hong-Kong, by boat, by train or riding an elephant, the gentleman and his new French servant, Passepartout, leave for an unexpected adventure. The latter will be slowed down by inspector Fix, a policeman very courageous although not very clever. The heroes will also meet Princess Aouda, a young lady with a lot of temper.

Despite all off-beats and disappointments, will Phileas Fogg, Passepartout and Miss Aouda manage to conduct the journey on time?

  • Book an Lyrics : Ludovic-Alexandre Vidal
  • Music : Julien Salvia
  • Stage direction : David Rozen

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Press :

”A Broadway-like Magic “

- Gala

"One show to set as an example, we spend a good time there, we laugh, don’t miss it!"

- Le Figaro

"A delicious journey!"

- Le Parisien

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