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An adaptation in a musical of the famous tale by the Grimm Brothers, with sets larger than life, and a gingerbread house… ready to be crunched!

Between candies and gingerbread, creatures and spells, discover once again this story full of poetry and thrills where the real strength is the one of your imagination.

Hansel and Gretel are two young children living in a beautiful thatched house with their courageous daddy and their evil step-mother.
One morning, she decides to take them into the forest… to abandon them.

Lost and left on their own devices, they find shelter in the house of an old lady.

  • Book : Guillaume Beaujolais, David Rozen
  • Music : Fred Colas
  • Stage direction : David Rozen

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Press :

"A successful stage direction"

- M6

"A huge heart-stopper!"

- Pariscope

"A show melting humor and singing the perfect way"

- Le Parisien

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