Kid manoir : The Forbidden Potion

Created in 2008, this show doesn’t stop seducing new generations! Come in, young fools, come into the Trouillet Family Manor… Let’s discover its legends and mysteries!

Kid Manoir is an interactive musical, in which witches, spell books and enchanted rings will allow you to live fabulous adventures… Hosted by the mysterious Malicia, she welcomes today four candidates, Romeo, Gwendy, Jonquille and Pierre-Ludovic into her ancestors’ Manor, the Trouillet family.

Only one of them will, thanks to the help of the audience, become the greatest winner and then realize his dearest dream.

But the game gets interrupted when an enchanted ring gets discovered, a ring that has the power to wake up the ghosts of the haunted manor…

Who will have enough courage to face the wicked evil witch?

A story of friendship, love and magic for the greatest pleasure of both kids and adults.

  • Book : Guillaume Beaujolais, Fred Colas, David Rozen
  • Music : Fred Colas
  • Stage direction : David Rozen

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Press :

"An undeniable charm, a heavenly pleasure!"

- À nous Paris

"Magnificient voices, special effects and a corrosive staging!"

- Pariscope

"An brand new idea and a perfect realization!"

- Télérama

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