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Molières 2016 nominated

Young Audience Category

Welcome aboard with your family, into a fantastic adventure full of twists in this adaption as a musical of the famous tale of Andersen!

In the streets of London, in the middle of winter… A young orphan girl, Emma, finds shelter in an orphanage, right after her grand-mother passed away. The place is held by the awful Collins, who sends the young girl to sell nine matches on the street to earn the right to sleep at the orphanage…

Not succeeding to sell any, she ends up cracking one of them to get warmer…

Suddenly, she is taken to the very heart of an imaginary kingdom! There, she finds her grand-mother, prisoner of the crual Fragotov. She also meets funny and loving characters, such as Monstro Falco, courageous pirates and Olga, a delirious psychic!

Will Emma be able to beat Fragotov and save her grand-mother?

  • Book : Anthony Michineau (dialogues), Ludovic-Alexandre Vidal (lyrics)
  • Music : Julien Salvia
  • Stage Directing : David Rozen, assisted by Pierre Hélie

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Press :

"A marvelous adventure"

- France 3

"A serie of wonderful scenes"

- Le Journal du dimanche

"A breathtaking adaptation where everything ends up in a good way!”

- Le Parisien

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