The World of Peter Pan

Now on tour

Welcome to Neverland !

8 comedians are on stage to embody all the characters of this fantastic imaginary world and take the audience in the adventure of Peter Pan and Captain Hook. In this duel, our Wendy will be sparking things off as she will be the keystone of the story.

Come discover a poetic musical, spectacular and visually amazing for all, both adults and kids!

“The world of Peter Pan” brings up a universal tale, known by everyone, that we wish to make people discover or discover once again thanks to an ambitious creation that will allow both parents and kids to spend one hour fifteen absorbed in a wonderful imaginary world.

  • Book : Julie Lemas (dialogues), Nicolas Laustriat and Julien Goetz (lyrics)
  • Music : Julien Goetz et Benjamin Landrot
  • Stage directing : Julie Lemas

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